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Isaac Abbott

Alex Acheson

Frank Acton

Dorothy M. Adams

Sam N. Adams

Thomas Adnitt

Michael Armstrong

Mary Attenborough



Thomas Pendrill Bailey

William Baines

Jonathan Bairstow

Albert Baker

George Banton

Ruth Banton

Tom Barclay

J. Barlow

John William Barrs

George Bastard

Sam Barston

'Darky' Barton

Edwin Baum

James H. Baum

Anna Chrysogen Beale

Israel Beck

Frank Seaward Beddow

Thomas Herbert Bedford

Thomas Beedham

George E. Bell

Mary J. Bell-Richards

Kathleen Benson

Archibald Horace Berridge

George Bibbings

John Biggs

William Biggs

George Billington

J.W. Billson

James Billson

Robert Bindley

Jack Binns

Susan Bird

Fred Blackwell

Norman Bordoli

Walter W. Borrett

Herbert William Bowden

George Bown

Tom Bradley

Roy Bradshaw

W.L. Bradshaw

John Henry Bramwich

Alfred C. Brant

J.H. Brewin

(William) Sidney Bridges

Henry Broadhurst

William Brown

George Buckby

Clement J. Bundock

Maximilian Holyoake Bunton

William Burden

Joseph Burgess

E. Burns

John Butcher



Evelyn Carryer

Tom Carter

J.C. Chambers

Jabez Chaplin

William Chawner

Agnes Spencer Clarke

Bertha Maria Clarke

Edward Clarkmead

Betty Coates

Job Cobley

Albert Cockshaw

Chapman Cohen

John T. Collier

Thomas Coltman

W. Colver

Don Connolly

Doris Connolly

Thomas Cook

Sam Cooper

Thomas Cooper

George Cores

Richard Cort

Martin Curley



Edwin Dadley

Dorothy Davis

Frederic Lewis Donaldson

Sarah Louise Donaldson

Terence N. Donovan

William Duncan



Charles Eagle

Edgar Cyril Eagle

Joseph Elliott

Thomas Emery



Brian Fewster

Arthur Field

George Findlay

William? Finn

George Flemming

Emily Comber Fortey

Charles Freake

George Freeland

William Henry Freestone

Elizabeth Rowley Frisby

Fanny Fullagar



Richard Gardner

Geoff Gay

Gordon Getliffe

Harold Gibson

Josiah Gimson

Sydney Ansell Gimson

Mary Catherine Gittins

Edith Gittins

Miss May Goodwin

Archibald Gorrie

Frederick James Gould

Maggie Gracie (Nandy)

Arthur Gratrix

George Green

Henry Green

James W. Green

Ernest Grimsley

Colin Grundy



Albert Hall

John Hall

Rev. Robert Hall

Herbert Hallam

Henry Hancock

Harry Hand

Charles Harris

Henry Harrott

Edward Robertshaw Hartley

Charlie and Harry Hassell

Alice Hawkins

A. Hawkins

Arthur Haywood

Ken Hazeldeane

Benjamin Hemmings

Sir Mark Henig

Elizabeth Heyrick

George Hern

Alderman Alf Hill

Joseph Hill

Alderman T. Rowland Hill

Mary Hill

W. E. (Teddy) Hincks

Thomas Austin Hind

Len Hollis

James (Jimmy) Holmes

Violet Holmes

William Henry Holyoak

Maurice Hookham

Hilda Hookham

Rev John Page Hopps

W.B. Hornidge

William Howard

Cllr George E. Hubbard J.P.

William Hynes

Bernard Hynes



Jack (John) Iliffe

William Inskip J.P.

Catherine Irwin



F.J. Jackson

Constance E. Jackson

William Jackson

Barnett Janner

Dennis Jennett

William Jones (poet)

William Jones



Ramnik Kavia

Charles Edward Keene (snr)

Charles Robert Keene

Edward Kell

James King Kelly

Samuel Kemp

George Albert Kenney

Agnes Archer Kilgour (Evans)

Dave Knaggs

Thomas Knox



Tom Larrad

W.A. Larrad

Ken Last

Martin Leader

Maria Leafe

Kewal Singh Lehal

Nicholas Lee-Overy

Charles Ley

Sarah Eveline Lines

Isobel Logan

Paddy Logan

W.H. Lowe

Peter Lowman

Amos Lythall



Dominic (Dan) McCarthy

Archibald Forbes MacDonald

Margaret MacDonald

Ramsay MacDonald

Mary Ann Mackintosh

James McManus

Amos Mann

John Markham

Arthur Marriott

Lily Marriott

Jim Marshall

Ted Marston

Amos Martin

Phoebe Mason

Will F. Maw

Daniel Merrick

Ken Middleton

Jimmy Miller

John Minto

Albert Edward Monk

Angelina Moore

George William Moore

Horace Moulden

R. Mukherjee

John William Murby

James Phillippo Mursell



George Newell

Tom Norton



Abraham Odell

Walter Oram

William James Owen



Arthur Padmore

Sidney Page

Guy Paget

Private John Pantling

George Horace Parbury

Johns Pares

Gordon Parker

Gordhan Devraj Parmar

Bridget Paton

Henry Payne

Samuel Payne

Harry Peach

Marina (May) Peach

A.E. Peacock

Nathaniel Charles Perkins

Thomas Ryley Perry

Dorothy Pethick

Frederick Pethick-Lawrence

Sir Richard Phillips

Malcolm Pinnegar

James Plant

Thomas Podd

John Potter

John Ernest Potter

Joseph Potter

E.L. Poulton

Bertram Powell



Dave Ramsay

Edward W. Randle

Frank Rands

Harbans Ratoo

Mrs A.J. Reade

Arthur H. Reynolds

John Rice

T. F. (Freddy) Richards

Frederick Fox Riley

John Riley

Helena Roberts

J.L. Robinson

George Robson

Deborah & George Ross

Thomas Rowlett

Charles Rozzell

Robert William Arthur Russell JP

Martin Ryan



Avtar Singh Sadiq

J.Stanton Salt

Edward Sansome

M.A. Saunderson

Edith A. Scott

Bill Scotton

John Seal

Richard Seal

George Sedgwick

Janet Setchfield

Krishnalal Shah

Joseph Sharp

Bernard Shenton

David Sheppard

Amos Sherriff

Ellen Sherriff

Paul Shortreed

Brian Simon

John Sketchley

John Skevington

John Sladen

Tom Slater

Thomas Raynor Smart

Bill Smith

Thomas Smith

William Henry Smith JP

Paul Sood

Rev F.S. Spencer

Frederick Stacey

Lawrence Staines

J.G. Stevens

Annie Stretton

Henry Stretton

Fredrick Sutton

Corrie or Catherine Swain

John Swain

Phil Swift

Fred Sykes



David Taylor

John Thomas Taylor

Peter Alfred Taylor M.P.

Sydney Taylor

Dave Thomas

Sir Lynn Ungoed-Thomas MP

Harry Thompson

James Thompson

William Throsby

Bob Trewick

Clifford Tucker

Horace Gladstone Twilley



George Harley Vaughan

Merlyn Verona Vaz

Albert Vesty

Getrude Von Petzold



Arnold Wakefield

John William Wale

Sir Joshua Walmsley

John Tudor Walters

R.V. Walton

Benjamin Warner

Joseph Warner

W. Warren

A. Watson

Jack Watson

Fred T. Watson

Percy C. Watts

Roy Watts

Susanna Watts

Lily Webb (Ferguson)

A. A. West (Fred)

Frederick Wheeler

Nanette Whitbread

George White

William Whitmore

George ‘Sticky’ White

William J. Wicks

Anne Wigfield

Bob Wigglesworth

J.S. Wilford

Samuel Wilford

Sidney Wilford

Walter Ernest Wilford

Thomas Willey

J. Williams

Mrs Catherine Willson

Elizabeth Willson

Len Wincott

Joseph Foulkes Winks

Paul Winstone

Thomas Winters

Frank Wise MP

C.V. (Charles) Woods OBE

Sir Edward Wood

Rev Joseph Wood

John & Mary Woodford

Harry Hardwick Woolley

Joseph H. Woolley

Samuel Godber Woolley

Joseph James Worley

George Wray

Michael Wright

Canon A. Linwood Wright

Peter Wright

Thomas Wright

Jane Lavinia Wyatt

Arnold, Charles & John Wynne

Margaret Wynne

About Who's Who of Radical Leicester

This site is about people who have been involved in the continuing struggle for social justice in Leicester. It gives a short biography of those individuals (now deceased) who tried to improve the life of their fellow citizens. The sites provides a reminder of their contribution and says something of the issues they faced and the obstacles they had to overcome. It also includes people from Leicester's hinterland.

There is no scientific test for inclusion in this Who's Who other than my judgement. I therefore take full responsibility for any omissions, accidental or otherwise.  I have not listed any living people and the length of an individual’s entry does not necessarily reflect their historical importance. In most cases, it just reflects the amount of information that has survived.  Some people have been left out simply because too little was recorded about them. I have only sought to chronicle that part of a person's life which was lived in or is relevant to the history of Leicester. The site gets updated when more information comes to light. Since the I began this site, death has inevitably led to additional entries, so these pages continue to be a work in progress. 

If you have more information, or would like to correct a mistake, please get in touch.  Any suggestions about people who could be included will be welcome. Not all my sources have been fully listed and I will try and update this in due course. If you have a photo or picture of someone, I would be pleased to have a copy. If you use material from this site, an acknowledgement would be appreciated.

Leicester's Radical History

Leicester has a radical tradition that can be traced back to the end of the 18th century through Chartists, Abolitionists, Reformers, Owenites and Radicals. After 1850, this tradition was subsumed in the radical wing of Liberal Party. During the 1880-90s, new working class organisations emerged and the character of the 20th century Labour Movement took shape. By 1900, Leicester already had a pre-eminent place in British Labour history. The City’s radical inheritance meant that the local socialist, co-operative and Labour movements were more advanced than in many other towns. In the early 1900s, Leicester not only had a national trade union based in the City, but was also the national centre of co-operatively owned factories. Its retail co-operative society had grown from humble beginnings into a large enterprise that provided a market for the goods from the local co-op factories. There was a well established branch of the Independent Labour Party whose MP became leader of the Labour Party and eventually its first prime minister.

Those who fought against the Poor Law, the Means Test in the 1930s and who campaigned for woman’s suffrage or against racism in the 1970s or war in the 1980s may have belonged to different times, but they share common aims and motivation. The fights and campaigns that they waged, gained us universal suffrage, a welfare state and greater equality. In remembering these campaigners we can begin to understand something of our city’s history and commemorate the efforts of those who made history from the grass roots.

How to navigate

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Ned Newitt

Abbreviations and Glossary

A.U.B.T.W. Amalgamated Union of Building Trade Workers, later U.C.A.T.T.
A.E.U. Amalgamated Engineering Union, later AUEW
C.A.W.U. Clerical and Administrative Union
Clicker  A boot & shoe trade worker who cut out the upper parts of the shoe from the     leather. Skill was needed for this work in order to gain maximum use of a skin and they were the elite of the trade. The term was derived from the fact the blade being drawn around the pattern made a clicking sound.
C.P. Communist Party of Great Britain
C.W.S. Co-operative Wholesale Society
E.T.U. Electrical Trades Union – later EEPTU
G.M.B.T.U. General Municipal & Boilermakers Trade Union later GMB
I.L.P. Independent Labour Party
I.M.G. International Marxist Group
I.R.S.C. Inter-Racial Solidarity Campaign
I.S. International Socialists – later Socialist Workers' Party
I.W.A.   Indian Workers’ Association
Laster A boot & shoe worker responsible for joining the soles and uppers together using a foot-shaped last to which a heel was then attached.
L.C.S.  Leicester Co-operative Society
L.E.M. Leicester Evening Mail
L.R.C. Labour Representation Committee
N.D.P. National Democratic Party
N.U.D.A.W. National Union of Distributive and Allied Workers
N.U.G.M.W. National Union of General and Municipal Workers – later GMB
N.U.B.S.O. National Union of Boot and Shoe Operatives, later NUFLAT
N.U.F.L.A.T. National Union of Footwear Leather and Allied trades later K.F.A.T. (National Union of Knitwear, Footwear and Apparel Trades)
N.U.H.K. National Union of Hosiery and Knitwear Workers later K.F.A.T.
N.U.R. National Union of Railwaymen
N.U.W.M. National Unemployed Workers Movement
Riveter   A boot & shoe trade worker, usually responsible for attaching the sole.
S.D.F. Social Democratic Federation
S.D.P. Social Democratic Party
S.L.L.  Socialist Labour League later Workers Revolutionary Party
T.G.W.U. Transport and General Workers Union
T.S.S.A. Transport and Salaried Staff Association
U.C.A.T.T. Union of Construction & Allied Trades & Technicians
U.S.D.A.W. Union of Shop Distributive and Allied Workers
W.E.A.  Workers Educational Association

Women’s Suffrage and Political Union

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